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China-built Tayan Bridge opened to traffic in Indonesia

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The Indonesian first steel arch bridge, Tayan Bridge (China Road and Bridge Corporation is the general contractor), built by Road and Bridge International Co., Ltd., opened officially to traffic on March 22, 2016. Tayan Bridge ends the history that local people rely on ferry to cross the Kapuas River. Tayan Bridge is another landmark built by R&B International in Indonesia, following after Suramadu Bridge, which is also the first large-scale steel truss arch bridge built by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) abroad. 


Located in the dense rainforest area of Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Tayan Bridge is 1,975m in length, of which the main bridge is 75+200+75m steel truss arch bridge, and the approach bridge is steel-concrete composite continuous steam bridge. It is the second longest bridge in Indonesia. R&B International participated in the construction of main bridge, part of approach bridge and ancillary facilities. The contract amount is 49.37 million dollars. Tayan Bridge was commenced in October, 2012, completed in December, 2015.








Because of the bad environmental conditions, inconvenient traffic and communications, and poor construction resources, the main span of Tayan Bridge cannot adopt traditional methods to build. After careful comparison and selection, the steel truss of main span took advanced “Integral hydraulic synchronizing lifting” technology (used in the bridge construction in Indonesia for the first time), which ensured the construction progress and safety quality. 


Tayan Bridge is a key part of Kalimantan Highway (south route) that connects West Kalimantan with Central Kalimantan. It plays an important promoting role in improving the local traffic conditions and economic development, and enhancing the living standard of local residents. During the construction period, the president of Indonesia visited the site in person, and highly appreciated all aspects of the construction. The bridge also attracted media attention and achieved good social benefits that helped further enhance the brand impact in Indonesia for CCCC.

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