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R&B International Won the Longchuan-Huaiji Rd. LM5 Pavement Construction

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On November 2, Road & Bridge International Co., Ltd. won the bidding of Longchuan-Huaiji Road LM5 Pavement Construction, of which the contract amount is 467 million yuan and construction period is 12 months.


With the total length of 39.7km, the main construction contained in this contract include pavement work, landscape engineering and house-building project. After completion, Longchuan-Huaiji Road will be one part of Northern Guangdong Province highway network together with Meizhou-Heyuan Highway, Daqing-Guangzhou Highway, Beijing-Zhuhai Highway and Guangzhou-Lechang Highway, which will have an important significance for improving and optimizing the highway network layout in Northern Guangdong Province.

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