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The post road built in 2016 working conference held

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-21

February 2, 2016 in the cross-road construction work will be held in Beijing. Company leaders, division vice president, the total aid, department heads, all subordinate units, general manager and party secretary and team personnel, directly under the Office of the people in charge of the project and more than 80 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy General Manager Zhang Yu Liu.

At the meeting, the units of the unit reported in the production and management problems cause analysis and improvement measures, the relevant departments of the headquarters of the layout of the work in 2016 and Difficulties.

Guozhu Long, general manager in his speech, first congress in groups to discuss the issues raised by representatives were answering. Guozhu Long pointed out that managers at all levels, especially principal leaders must have the courage to find the problem, the courage to face the problem, problem solvers; to make up the short board, long board to do and do incremental and revitalize the stock; to enhance the overall awareness, and strive to achieve the overall interests of the enterprise maximize.

Guozhu Long stressed the need to comprehensively strengthen upgrade new areas of development, in particular to strengthen the expansion of PPP projects, to take the initiative to communicate, three linkage, in unity; to strengthen the basis for the conventional project management, increase cost assessment, layer transfer pressure; to strengthen the comprehensive learning and development of all personnel to enhance the ability and quality to ensure that by 2016 the established goals completed.

Bow Tianyun chairman and party secretary in his speech, first congress in groups to discuss the issues mentioned by representatives were answering questions, and proposed to implement the requirements and work standards.

Bow Tianyun stressed that all units should conscientiously convey good next three congress and this work will be the spirit, so that all levels of management, all employees can understand our business ideas and management measures, clear objectives and tasks of this year, unify thinking, pace, so that the task targets at different levels, the effect of the implementation of the layers of assessment, with more enthusiasm, more tenacious style, more effective measures, more discipline, full completion of the company's established goals.

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